Our Pop Up location is open Monday - Friday 11 am-7 pm* throughout February.




Welcome to the San Francisco SPCA Pop Up! The SF SPCA is celebrating Year of the Dog by bringing cuddles and cuteness to One Embarcadero Center for February 2 - 28. Drop by for a coffee at our Cat Cafe, a cuddle or enjoy our Thursday night Yappy Hours. You might meet your new best friend!

*Closed Monday, February 19 for President's Day

Closed for Private Cuddle Experiences

The Pop-up will also be closed for private 

cuddle experiences during the following times:

4 pm - 4:30 pm on February 7

5 - 7 pm on February 23

4 - 4:30 pm on February 28

Canine Flu is present in San Francisco. To protect our shelter animals, owned dogs are not allowed to enter the Pop-up at this time, even if they have received the flu vaccine. Thank you for understanding!



Did you know that the dog symbolizes the coming of fortune? We feel fortunate to ring in the auspicious new year with you and man’s best friend (and cats too!) The SF SPCA is celebrating Year of the Dog by bringing cuddles and cuteness to One Embarcadero Center for February 2 - 28. Drop by daily for a cuddle and to get your afternoon fix at our Cat Café.

Enjoy the Cone of Shame Art Gallery and Larger Than Life Murals featuring work from notable artists The OBANOTH, Todd Oldham, Richard J. Oliver, and more. Select works will be available for bid at the opening night party. See the full list below 
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SF SPCA Pop-up

Our Cat Cafe and cuddles are a much better pick me up than caffeine alone.

11 am - 7 pm, Monday – Friday February 2 - 28



Interested in an exclusive cuddle session with your friends or co-workers? We can do that, click below for more information

Yappy Hours - Unwind with beer and wine and some serious cuteness at our Thursday night Yappy Hours.

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm on February 8 and 22 (also on the 15th - an extended Yappy Hour)

New Dog 101 - 12:30 pm - 2pm on Friday, February 9

Paint a Portrait of Your Pet Night - Express your love for your special somepawdy at this paint party for proud pet parents, 5 pm - 7 pm on February 13 click here to register

Puppy Parent Orientation - 5 pm - 6 pm on Wednesday, February 14

Puppy Parent Orientation - 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm on Tuesday, February 20

New Dog 101 - 5 pm - 6:30 pm on Tuesday, February 27

Yoga - come do some downward facing dog in our Cat Cafe - 11:15 am on February 13, 15, 20, 22 & 27

SF SPCA emBARKadero Party - Join us for an evening of beer, wine and treats!  Specail thanks to 21st Amendment & Holy Craft Brewery for supporting the SF SPCA with beer for this event!

4:30 pm - 7 pm on Thursday, February 15


Closed for Private Cuddle Experiences

The Pop-up will be closed for private cuddle experiences during the following times:

4 pm - 4:30 pm on February 7

5 - 7 pm on February 23

4 - 4:30 pm on February 28


Your Donation Matters


Many people think that the SF SPCA is a chapter of a national organization. It isn't. There is no national SPCA. And, as an independent nonprofit, we don't receive any government funding. We rely solely on the generous support of our donors, like you, to make the lives of thousands of animals and the people who love them better, safer and full of love. 

SF SPCA Pop-up


Special Thanks to our Partners

Kara's Cupcakes, Greenbar, Britex Fabrics, Tap Plastics, FieldHaven Feline Center, Sports Basement, MK Think, Holy Craft Brewery & 21st Amendment

Here's your chance to make a real difference in the lives of the cats and kittens who come to the SF SPCA each year in search of a loving home. Of the 5,200 animals who come through our doors each year, more than 70 percent need medical care, which adds up. But without this medical attention, these animals would not be saved.

When you adopt one of these amazing café cats – the friendliest and most loving kitties you’ll find anywhere- the proceeds of your bid will go to the Meaningful Medicine Fund and help thousands of animals receive the medical attention they need before finding their perfect person.

The winning bidder of each auction will be given the first opportunity to adopt that cat. All adopters will be subject to a thorough adoption screening and must be qualified to adopt, regardless of auction outcome. Winning bidders who are not qualified to adopt will not be responsible for their bid and the opportunity to adopt will go to the next highest bid and so on.

Happy bidding!


You are going to love him more than your old childhood treat. Meet Ovaltine, a kitty so sweet, you don’t need to add sugar. Ovaltine is such an affectionate guy that he will come up and give you a “kitty kiss” on your face to say hello. He likes to talk and it is rumored that he offers investment advice on the side. He thinks the market in catnip futures looks good. Ovaltine is always happy and he just cannot stop purring. He might even purr in his sleep! He is looking for a workout buddy to help him chase his toys around the home. Could that be you? Indulge yourself in some fun with Ovaltine today.


My name is Gilbert and I am an orange tabby boy. I can’t wait to make new friends and I hope we can become the best of pals. I am a talker and I have lots of opinions to share. I want to be on the debate team when I grow up! I do spend some time in a lap and I will play some too. I would rather just snuggle up with you and share lots of love rather than play though. You will find I will be your best friend and sidekick. You know you want to adopt me so come on by and say hello to me today. Tell them at the front desk Gilbert sent you. I’ll see you soon!

Gnar Gnar

This big, fluffy orange tabby boy has the name of Gnar Gnar. It is a snowboarding term and he requests a new name when you adopt him. Gnar Gnar will greet you his chirpy meow and is such a friendly fellow. He enjoys petting and he will roll around waiting for you to get all his favorite spots. Gnar Gnar gets very content lounging next to you as you relax. He has a soft pulsating purr and he is very enjoyable to be around with his laid-back personality. Gnar Gnar is looking for his soulmate. Could it be you? Come by and meet this special boy today.



Come say hello to Lavender, a gorgeous gray and white girl who can’t wait for you to visit! Lavender is so loving that she even has a gray patch of fur on her side that’s shaped like a heart. This affectionate beauty will climb right up on your lap while you pet her. After a few minutes of that, she’s ready to play! Lavender loves chasing her toys around the room and she’d love it if you join in the fun. This friendly, playful kitty is guaranteed to light up your life--so stop by the shelter today to meet Lavender!


We do not jest—when you meet Harlequin you will instantly fall in love. The first thing that will strike you is her beauty in her luxurious white coat with a calico hat, spots, and big bushy tail. Harlequin will greet you with friendly loving hand and leg rubs, which gives a completely new meaning to leaning in. She loves being petted, and will knead a few muffins in appreciation. Harlequin loves to play and will keep you entertained with her comic antics of jumps and somersaults as she chases her toy mouse on a noodle. If you are looking for a super sweet and fun best friend, stop by to meet Harlequin today.


Meet Penelope, a gorgeous tuxedo girl with pretty green eyes. When you visit her, sweet Penelope will come right out to greet you and rub her head against your legs. That means she’d like you to give her some of those head scratches that she loves so much. Pretty soon, she’ll be curled up on your lap, making muffins with her paws and purring away. Penelope would love to find a forever home with someone who wants to snuggle up with her every day. Does that sound great to you? Then come and meet this affectionate kitty today!

Red Bull

Looking for a kitty companion who will give you wings? Give Red Bull a try! He’s a handsome little orange and white tabby with gold-green eyes and a cute little pink nose. He’s a sweet, friendly and social guy who will roll around next to you to get some ear and chin scratches, and nuzzle you to ask for more. He loves to play too, and after a fun play session he’ll climb up into your lap and cuddle in for some more affection. He’s pretty awesome, and is sure to give you a bigger rush than sugar and caffeine.  


He is the Boss and his name is Hugo. This dapper, fluffy, light orange tabby boy is a sight to behold. He is a big fellow who has a big head and rather small ears on him. His head is big because he just so smart! Hugo is a professional lap warmer. It is his favorite place to be on a chilly night. He hasn’t been interesting in playing since that requires him getting off your lap. So far he hasn’t purred for us so you might be the first to hear it. You will get to experience a ton of love coming from this guy. Come by and get your lap warmed by Hugo today.


Named after a queen she rules her subjects with a soft velvet paw. Say hello to Sheba. She is a beautiful all black girl with olive green eyes. Sheba is very outgoing and she bestows her wisdom on those she meets. Her favorite throne is your lap and she can spend vast amounts of time there if you let her. She is a very curious girl who always wants to know what is going on around her kingdom. When playtime comes around she will show how fast she can move was she ambushes her toys. Sheba will give out lots of love and affection when you visit her. Come by and meet this royal girl today.

One Embarcadero Center February  2 – 28




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